Positive climate action now 

Ready to go CO2 neutral?

At klimate we can help your offset your CO2 footprint, so you can continue everyday life while ensuring climate sustainability and balance. We provide direct air capture of CO2, and remove it from the atmosphere… Simple, yet powerful.

Choose the offering that best suits your need and make a positive impact today!


The Traveller

219 kr. / month

1 roundtrip overseas (e.g. Thailand) and 1 roundtrip to Europe (e.g. Italy) corresponds to 3.5 tons CO2. This package removes 218 kg CO2 from the athmosphere every month.

The Average

550 kr. / month

According to Danmarks Statisk, Denmark’s collective CO2 emmission is 8.8 tons per dane in 2017. This package removes 733 kg CO2 from the atmosphere every month.

The Custom

Custom amount

We will happily remove any custom amount of CO2 from the atmosphere to offset one time events or according to your own calculation.



We believe in doing our bit, to stay within

The Global Temperature Target

We dont have to change our lives completely, but if we change a little, we can do a lot.

Are you a company that wants to become CO2 neutral?

How It Works

Our  partners’ factories only need water, renewable energy and atmospheric CO2, and since the CO2 in the air is uniformly distributed, the plants can be strategically placed at locations where there is an abundance of water and renewable energy.


Renewable energy

Atmospheric CO2

The DAC Plant

Build on DAC (Direct Air Capture) technology, the plants simply takes CO2 out of the atmosphere and compresses it into a gas form, to be either stored or used elsewhere. The CO2 sequestration you buy from us, is buried underground or turned into stone.

Ready to go truly CO2 neutral, and help create a better tomorrow?

Our concept is simple. As Authorized Climeworks CDR Partner, Climeworks captures CO2 directly from the air on our behalf. The CarbFix team then takes this pure CO2 and stores it underground.

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