About Us

Klimate is a CO2 compensation provider from Denmark.

We partner with companies that offer direct air capture services of complete removal of CO2 consumption.

Klimate was founded in 2020 by the family Grothe-Eberhardt, with Katja Grothe-Eberhardt as CEO and Fredrik Grothe-Eberhardt as lead developer. 

The aim is to provide automated individualized CO2 overview and compensation, with certificates to verify purchase.

Through key partnerships, we can offer CO2 removal services at bulk prices, and provide CO2 compensation for anything from travel footprint, to the average personal footprint and custom amounts.

Let’s make 2020 the best climate year so far!


Ready to go truly CO2 neutral, and help create a better tomorrow?

Our concept is simple. As Authorized Climeworks CDR Partner, Climeworks captures CO2 directly from the air on our behalf. The CarbFix team then takes this pure CO2 and stores it underground.

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