How does your offset strategy benchmark to similar companies?

To combat climate change and incentivise change, all companies need to do what is both economically feasible and motivates change.

Different companies have massively different levels of CO emissions.

This is often referred to as the "emission intensity" of a company. Simply put, it can be expressed as how many tons of CO is emitted for each million of revenue.

Let's take an example. For each million in revenue, Company A emits 850 tons while Company B emits just 4.5. Now let’s imagine that both companies decided to offset, investing €25 per ton.

For Company B, this would result in just 0.01% of their revenue. Hardly a significant commitment. With the same investment per ton, Company A would spend more than 2% of their revenue, surely not feasible in a highly competitive market with tiny margins.

So, how where does your company stand?

If you are willing to share some basic information about your company, we can tell you how your offsets compare to similar companies in our data set. This will, of course, be completely anonymised and we will never share any information about your company with third parties.

That's it. Want to find out how you compare?