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Being sustainable is good business

At Klimate we offer one of the best CO2 offset programs on the market. We understand that reaching CO2 neutrality can be tough, especially if there is parts of your value chain, that are outside your control or that emissions from certain parts of your supply chain may be hard to reduce.

However, the main reason why your need to work with Klimate to become CO2 neutral, is the simplicity you can convey. By partnering with Klimate, you: 

We captured X kg of CO2, directly from the air… No fuzz; just honest and transparent communications

We currently offer 2 products for your business

If you know the amount of CO2 you need to offset, the process is straight forward. You simply place an order with us, we capture the CO2 and issue the relevant certificate in your company name.

If you are not sure of how much CO2 you need to offset, no stress. Our skilled Klimate consultants can help you create the relevant reports and strategies for your climate impact.

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