Two simple ways to calculate your company's carbon footprint

No two companies are the same, and we want to give you the best possible results. Chose the calculation option that best suits your needs below.


Instant Footprint Assessment

If your company primarily does office work, we can make an instant assessment of your carbon footprint using only a few data-points:

  • Number of employees
  • Business trips
  • Commuting habits

Tailored calculation

If you have a more complex company or ff you need to know your footprint more precisely, we can help you calculate your emissions.

We will ask you a few questions about your company and your needs, and then we will get you a quote from companies specialised in calculating emissions for companies like yours. 

    Instant Footprint Assessment

    Get an instant estimation of your carbon footprint.

    How we calculate this

    Get a quote

    We have a strong network of climate experts who can help you calculate your carbon footprint. 

    Give us a few details about your company, and we will get back to you with one or more quotes for you to consider.