Why combine methods?

All carbon removal projects have strengths and weaknesses. Combining several projects ensures the highest possible climate impact, and allows you to match both your budget and ambition. Finally, by diversifying your efforts, the risk of reversal is minimised.

Klimate source projects from a variety of different suppliers. There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, investing in different technologies sends a market signal. Many of the novel technologies, such as Direct Air Capture and Bio-oil, are still too expensive for companies to source individually. By including these in portfolios, the overall cost of the portfolio can be kept at a level that matches our current investment capacity. As the price of different technologies change - technological solutions will decrease, while some nature-based solutions will become more expensive - the composition of the portfolio will change.

Secondly, using a portfolio approach allows us to mitigate risks. By spreading investments across different projects, we reduce the risk posed by individual projects failing. As the old adage goes, putting all one's eggs in one basket is never a good idea. We spread activities across different technologies and use different technology suppliers. We are not looking for a single winner - we want to support different technologies to help as many suppliers as possible contribute to solving the climate crisis. The world has never faced a bigger challenge, and to solve it, we need to place a thousand bets on a thousand horses.

Reason 01

Send a market signal

Reason 02

Mitigate risks

“An immediate transition to 100% carbon removals is not necessary, nor is it currently feasible, but organisations must commit to gradually increase the percentage of carbon removal offsets they procure with a view to exclusively sourcing [Permanent] carbon removals by mid-century.”

- Oxford Offsetting Principles

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