We empower you to remove your unavoidable emissions with confidence.

There are 100s of ways to compensate your unavoidable emissions.
Every method has strengths and weaknesses. We create a portfolio that fits your needs, maximising the impact on your investment.

Don't just offset, permanently remove.

Carbon offsets based on avoided emissions are better than nothing, but they don't actually remove any greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere.

We exclusively source carbon removal that actually takes CO2 out of the air and put it back in the ground where it came from.


€ 5 - 10 per ton removed

+ Social benefits
+ Biodiversity
- Slow impact
- Not permanent

Soil Sequestration

€ 15 - 25 per ton removed

+ Low cost
+ Fast
+ Traceable
- Not permanent


€ 60 - 200 per ton removed

+ Permanent
- Increase yields
- Limited supply

Direct Air Capture

€ 60 - 200 per ton removed

+ Very permanent
+ Highly traceable
- Underdeveloped technology
- Very Expensive

Types of removal: One-size fit none

All types of emissions compensation have benefits and weaknesses, and there is no single type that can stand alone as a future-proof climate strategy.

Suggested portfolios

To make things simple, we have created eight suggested portfolios for you. We can tailor the price exactly to what you want, starting as low the price of a UN quota.

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Click any of the portfolios above to learn more, or click below if you are looking for a solution tailored to your needs.

This is not a permission to pollute, it’s an incentive to reduce.

It might seem that removing your emissions would lead you to keep doing business as usual.

In reality, by putting an actual price on your emissions, we give you a financial incentive to keep finding ways to reduce. As you do, we will be more than happy to see you lower the amount you remove from the atmosphere.

Carbon curious?

We love to talk about CO2 removal strategies. If you want to learn, we are happy to invite you to a short session to talk about what is possible.

1. How to understand the quality of a removal project:
- Additionality
- Permanence
- Speed
- Additional impact
2. Types of removal methods available:
- Nature-based vs engineered solutions
- Specific methods: Forestry, Soil Sequestration, Biochar, Direct Air Capture and more
3. Why we believe in combining methods
- Cost based on what is feasible
- Maximising impact