Carbon removal options

Option 1

Planting trees with certified projects

Trees are awesome! It's not always economically feasible to include long-term carbon removal, and planting trees is already better than relying on avoided emissions. We source high-quality projects within agroforestry, afforestation and reforestation from all over the world. On top, this option includes kelp, known as the "trees of the ocean".

Forestation : 99.5% + Blue Carbon: 0.5%*

20 € per ton of CO₂

Option 2

Go beyond planting trees

Inspired by Microsoft's offset strategy, in this removal option we spread your investment across similar removal methods to the ones Microsoft is championing, but commit more to the next-gen and permanent methods. This ensures that you support different technologies while removing the majority of your emissions using low-cost methods.

Bio-oil: 1.4% + Blue Carbon: 4.4% +  Biochar: 7% + Soil Sequestration: 25% + Forestation : 62.2%*

50 € per ton of CO₂

Option 3

Make your removal permanent

If you want to exclusively invest in methods that remove CO₂ permanently, and have the potential to scale to truly reverse climate change, this is the portfolio for you. We source the most promising technologies from around the world, and help drive down the cost.

Bio-oil: 5% + Blue Carbon: 14% + Biochar : 81%*

200 € per ton of CO₂