Let’s make your lawfirm Carbon Neutral.

If you are a responsible company in the 21st century, you are probably already thinking about how you reduce your carbon emissions as much as possible.

However, no matter how much you reduce, everything we do has an impact on the environment. Activities like having an office with heating and electricity, commuting to work, or even sending emails factors in. 

We have made it super easy to calculate your footprint and if you want, we are ready to remove that carbon from the air and put it back in the ground.

Don't just offset, permanently remove.

Carbon offsets are better than nothing, but they are complicated, indirect, and take a long time to work.

We use Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) technologies to remove carbon from the air and put it back in the ground where it came from.

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Some of the responsible companies who have already removed CO2 from the air via Klimate.

There are just three steps to true Carbon Neutrality



SaaS platform? Two-sided marketplace? Hardware? Every type of company will have unique ways in which their activities result in carbon emissions.

We help you assess the amount of CO2 produced from your activities.


Neutralise your historic emissions or start from now. We explore different types of carbon capture, and find a balance between your goals and the cost.

Every action matters.


We support you in making a plan for strategically communicating their initiative to stakeholders.

Become a leader in the fight reverse climate change.

This is not a permission to pollute, it’s an incentive to reduce.

It might seem that removing your emissions would lead you to keep doing business as usual.

In reality, by putting an actual price on your emissions, we give you a financial incentive to keep finding ways to reduce. As you do, we will be more than happy to see you lower the amount you remove from the atmosphere.