Are you reducing what you can?

This may sound like bad business, but the less you need to order from us, the better. Actually, we hope you will need our service less-and-less every year.

Why? The most important action in the fight against climate change is to reduce your footprint. 

However, reducing is no longer enough to avoid going far beyond the 1.5-degree increase in global temperatures.

If your company is ready to start removing some or all of your unavoidable emissions, you are in the right place.


Suggested portfolios

To make things simple, we have created three suggested portfolios for you. We can tailor the price exactly to what you want, starting as low the price of a UN quota.

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“Better than 
a quota”

The cost-effective solution


Our cheapest option, we lock the price to the current price of a UN CO2 quota. However, this cannot be resold or traded and you know exactly what suppliers will perform the carbon removal.

We create a mix of Reforestation, Soil Sequestration and Direct Air Capture (DAC). The share of DAC will be very low, but as the cost of DAC decreases—and the cost of UN Quotas increase—we will adjust the portfolio for you.


Our most popular choice


In this portfolio, we increase the percentage of Direct Air Capture to just over 10%.

We are still keeping the cost at a price where most companies should be able to participate while really getting some capital flowing to the development of the DAC technolgies.

As he price of DAC drops, we can either decrease the price or increase the share of DAC in your portfolio. 


Fastest and most permanent


We believe that we need to heavily invest in DAC in order to keep meet our goals of keeping climate change within 2 degrees. If you can, this package allows you to remove more than 50% of your footprint with Direct Air Capture. 

As the cost effeciency of our suppliers increase, your cost will decrease at the same rate.

You can pick one of these portfolios at the bottom of the page, or create your own together with one of our Carbon Removal Specialists.


Why combine different suppliers?

We believe that it’s unlikely for one supplier to exactly fit the need and price point that a company is looking for. Furthermore, by only picking one supplier is like only investing in one stock. We believe in spreading your investment across multiple suppliers in order to give you a price that you can accept, and maximise your impact.

How is the removal verifiable and certified?

Each supplier has different levels of verification and certification. This is one of our main criteria when selecting suppliers.

We always display publically exactly how much co2 removal has been transacted on the platform so that anyone can see that the amounts match. Furthermore, we always link to the relevant certificates of our suppliers. In that way, we are aiming to provide transparency and certifiability from start to finish. 

Why should my portfolio include Direct Air Capture?

We strongly believe in including DAC in every portfolio we provide.

According to the IEA, it is unlikely that we will be able to remain within our 1.5-degree target unless we DAC becomes a part of the equation. However, the technology is currently too expensive to have a real impact globally, and in order to drive innovation, we need to create demand.

By doing this, we believe that we can help drive down the cost, just like we’ve seen it happen with solar and wind.

Request more information

Please provide us with your contact details and the portfolio of your choice. You will receive a detailed proposal via email, and if you are interested we can set up a quick call to discuss your needs.