Before you can remove carbon, you need to measure and reduce your emissions. We partnered with Carbon Managers, a company from the UK first established in 2007. Over the years, Carbon Managers have become leaders in helping companies measure emissions, engaging with their employees and setting out carbon reduction strategies.

In short, with Carbon Managers you get

A dedicated Carbon Managers consultant for the duration of the emissions audit

Staff engagement through virtual presentations of the carbon footprint

Ongoing support with meeting the goals in the Net Zero strategy

Book an introductory meeting with Carbon Managers and Klimate to learn more and start your climate strategy.

We are a group of sustainability professionals with a combined experience of many decades in the environmental consultancy space. We’ve worked with companies involving the NHS, notable charities, recognisable retail brands and digital agencies.


Why do I need to use Carbon Managers before Klimate?

Before you can remove your emissions, you need to know how many emissions you’re responsible for. Most importantly, you also need to understand how to reduce your emissions, minimizing the need for removals in the first place. The less you need to remove, the higher quality removals you can use, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and the environment.

Why Carbon Managers?

With decades of experience in emissions management and environmental consultancy, Carbon Managers will be able to quickly assess what is required for your organization to align with Net Zero. Priding ourselves on a friendly hands-on service, we offer additional benefits to clients such as hosting educational sessions for that much-needed staff engagement. Accounting for GHGs can be a cumbersome task for a business without independent support. The consultants at Carbon Managers streamline the data collection phase, reducing error and offering unbiased accounting. Using the internationally recognised standards and up-to-date emissions factors, they will calculate your carbon footprint with the highest levels of accuracy and produce a detailed report. Continuing to work not only with UK companies, our previous clients and their supply chains span a diverse and global reach.

How long does it take to calculate my emissions and create a Net Zero strategy?

The emissions calculations are very dependent on quality communication. We don’t like leaving our clients in the dark or in any way confused about the data collection tasks. That is why, in the initial kick-off meeting, we describe in detail what we need, why we need it and how to get hold of it. Typically, we give our clients a couple of weeks to collect the required data. And for our calculations, it can vary from 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity and volume of data involved with the reporting company. A robust Net Zero strategy within 4-8 weeks (with our ongoing support).

What are the costs of calculating emissions with Carbon Managers?

As well as calculating emissions for a carbon footprint report, as part of our package, we offer guidance to companies in how to reduce emissions over time. Small company audits can start from as little as 1795€. Our fees vary between projects (as no two projects are identical) and so we quote based on the size of the organization and the complexity of the emissions profile from the scope 1, 2 & 3 categories. We also offer Life Cycle Assessments as well as other environmental services we can combine with our carbon audit work. Tell us more about you and we can follow up with a quote for your project more specifically.

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