Before you can remove carbon, you need to measure and reduce your emissions. We partnered with Climaider, to provide you with affordable and easy accessible carbon footprint insights.

In short, with Climaider you get

GHG aligned carbon footprint analysis

Granulated insights into all 3 scopes of your carbon footprint

Personalized reduction advice and supplier suggestions

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Climaider is on a mission to deliver easy and accessible carbon emission insights for companies. The company’s focus are to fill the space for companies wanting to take climate action, but can’t afford the current solutions on the market. They’re working to make climate action accessible for everyone – no matter the size of the company. Furthermore Climaider helps you with the next steps on your Net Zero journey: Highlighting hotspots, uncover reduction initiatives and helping you to narrow down relevant suppliers.

Client examples

Zetland | Barons | Infomedia | Tuborgfondet | Copenhagen Fashion Week


Why do I need to use Climaider before Klimate?

Before you can remove your emissions, you need to know how many emissions you’re responsible for. Most importantly, you also need to understand how to reduce your emissions, minimising the need for removals in the first place. The less you need to remove, the higher quality removals you can use, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and the environment.

Why Climaider?

Carbon calculations with Climaider cover all 3 scopes of your carbon footprint. Despite being an Accounting Platform there are real humans behind the calculations. This is to secure the quality of your data – Climaider has prioritized accuracy over automation. 

When calculating your carbon footprint with Climaider an opportunity to use their Employee app follows, helping you create transparency in your sustainability progress and involving your employees in the journey.


How long does it take to calculate my emissions and create a Net Zero strategy?

After submitting your data, you’ll receive the results in about a week. Your Net Zero Strategy is something we work out together.

What are the costs of calculating emissions with Climaider?

Depends on the specific case. The price starts from DKK 15.000 pr. year.

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