Before you can remove carbon, you need to measure and reduce your emissions. We partnered with Greenly carbon accounting experts, already trusted by 300+ companies, to help you on your Net Zero journey.

In short, with Greenly you get

GHG assessment: scope 1,2,3 analysis & benchmarks

Personalised action plans, alternatives and projects

Greenly climate experts to support your Net Zero strategy

Book an introductory meeting with Greenly and Klimate to learn more and start your climate strategy.

Greenly is a technology company specialized in helping organizations lower their carbon emissions. Greenly’s mission is simple: accelerate the development of the technology to enable each actor to better monitor and control their CO₂ emissions. The company’s platform automates carbon accounting in full compliance with international reporting standards (CDP, GHG, and TCFD) and the platform targets SMEs as a way to disrupt the industry. From carbon reduction strategies to offsetting measures, Greenly helps companies track their footprint automatically and improve their ecological impact.


Why do I need to use Greenly before Klimate?

Carbon removal is an important method of helping companies on their way towards carbon neutrality and by doing so, reducing their negative impact on the environment

However, calculating your carbon footprint is a vital first step in any business becoming part of the solution to the climate crisis. A company must actively understand and reduce its emissions as much as possible, minimizing the need for removal in the first place. The less you need to remove, the higher quality removals you can use ensuring the best possible outcome for the environment.

Why Greenly?

Carbon accounting is time-consuming, complex, and expensive. With its digitalized solution, Greenly makes your carbon accounting easy, affordable and intuitive. Greenly platform significantly reduces the effort required to calculate your carbon footprint - valuable time that you can use to focus on strategic activities. 

Greenly’s mission is therefore simple : to accelerate the development of the technology to enable each company, not matter its size or sector, to fight climate change and better monitor and control their CO emissions.

How long does it take to calculate my emissions and create a Net Zero strategy?

Net carbon zero can be reached by reducing and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and, if necessary, removing whatever is left. Greenly, helps you on this net-zero trajectory by conducting a carbon footprint report in only a few weeks (depending on the size of your company). The digitalized solution enables to have your report in the shortest delays but what is important is the impact of your personalized action plans to help you reduce your emissions.

What are the costs of calculating emissions with Greenly?

The pricing depends on the size of your company, and on the complexity of the task. For instance, a Life Cycle Assessment will require more manual input than a standard calculation. Get a quote in just a few clicks !

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