Before you can remove carbon, you need to measure and reduce your emissions. We’ve partnered with Normative to provide you comprehensive carbon footprint measurement and tailored reduction advice.

In short, with Normative you get

Precise measurement of your full carbon footprint, including the indirect value chain emissions in Scope 3

Intuitive data visualizations to help you understand your emissions and identify hotspots

Tailored reduction advice from Normative’s in-house team of carbon reduction experts

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The path to net zero starts with accurate carbon accounting. Normative measures your company emissions and identifies hotspots. Our carbon specialists use this intelligence to create a tailored reduction plan. Together, we ensure your business stays compliant, competitive, and equipped to reach net zero.

Some of Normative’s success stories

Summa Equity | Flying Tiger | Reform


Why do I need to use Normative before Klimate?

Before you can remove your emissions, you need to know how many emissions you’re responsible for. Most importantly, you also need to understand how to reduce your emissions, minimizing the need for removals in the first place. The less you need to remove, the higher quality removals you can use, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and the environment.

Why Normative?

Normative is the leading carbon accounting engine, with years of experience and unparalleled accuracy. Its calculation methodology is based on the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which is the gold standard in the industry. Normative particularly excels in calculating a company’s indirect value chain emissions– which account for more than 90%[1] of the average company’s emissions, and are notoriously difficult to measure.

How long does it take to calculate my emissions and create a Net Zero strategy?

The process could go as quickly as a few weeks, if your company has the necessary data readily available.

What are the costs of calculating emissions with Normative?

For the most up-to-date pricing, check the Normative pricing page.

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