Before you can remove carbon, you need to measure and reduce your emissions. We partnered with Zevero, carbon accounting and decarbonisation experts to help you build a climate programme.

In short, with Zevero you get

Complete and accurate GHG assessment and analysis

Experts to help you make sense of sustainability

Tailored climate programme to reach net zero

Book an introductory meeting with Zevero and Klimate to learn more and start your climate strategy.

Zevero is a software company building the tools companies need to take credible climate action and decarbonise their business. We help companies of all sizes accurately measure, report and most importantly reduce their carbon emissions. We’re a technology company with real people behind the numbers to help you get the data you need to make better environmental decisions.


Why do I need to use Zevero before Klimate?

Before you can remove your emissions, you need to know how many emissions you’re responsible for. Most importantly, you also need to understand how to reduce your emissions, minimising the need for removals in the first place. The less you need to remove, the higher quality removals you can use, ensuring the best possible outcome for you and the environment.

Why Zevero?

Zevero is a decarbonisation platform for companies of all sizes, helping you manage and reduce your environmental impact.

They provide a hybrid approach between their platform to automate carbon accounting and visualise your climate data as well as having real humans to help you understand sustainability and help build a leading climate programme. Their climate hub is a great resource for beginning your climate journey. 

How long does it take to calculate my emissions and create a Net Zero strategy?

That really depends on the complexity of the company, but on average, it takes between 2-4 weeks to accurately measure your emissions. From there we can work to implement a custom net zero plan through the Zevero platform. This can take weeks but requires planning, organisational buy in and great communication. Within 3 months you have a world class climate programme and have a platform to track your progress in years to come.

What are the costs of calculating emissions with Zevero?

The costs of calculating your emissions ranges on the size and complexity of your business. Our prices start from £2,000 per year for a one office site. Reach out to request a price for your business and start building a world class climate programme today.

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