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Carbon removal budget calculator

How much should you invest?

Based on data from 100s of Carbon removal Strategies, our proprietary recommendation algorithm can give you a suggested budget for your company. Our algorithm is based on your industry, the number of employees, location, emission and revenue.

Example 1

Low-cost, nature-based solutions

Trees are amazing! It’s not always economically feasible to include long-term carbon removal, and planting trees is already better than relying on avoided emissions. We source high-quality projects within agroforestry, afforestation and reforestation from all over the world. On top, this example includes kelp, known as the “trees of the ocean”.

Example 2

Equal spread of investment

With this portfolio, we spread your investment equally across all the methods of carbon removal that we are working with. This ensures that you support different technologies equally while keeping costs down by removing the majority of your emissions using low-cost methods.

Example 3

Half nature, half tech

Stepping up the investment per ton, this portfolio ensures that 50% of the carbon you remove is out of the atmosphere for at least 100 years. Meanwhile, it still retains a high level of benefits from natural types of removal like planting trees. Send a strong signal to the market, without lowering your impact on co-benefits.

Example 4

High-tech, permanent only

This portfolio focuses exclusively on methods that remove CO2 from the atmosphere for at least five hundred years. Your investment is equally divided in terms of investment among these hybrid and engineered methods. Clients using this portfolio tend to offset less than 100% of their emissions.

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