6 sections - 35-50 pages

Carbon Removal Report (New)

Learn about your removal

Insights on your impact

Personalised benchmark

Create transparency

Project details

Data breakdown

Report with confidence

Background and context

Process and science


for carbon removal above €10.000



Our experts create a report on your carbon removal, providing insights, supplier details and background analysis. This is useful for employees, existing and upcoming shareholders and for the climate “nerds” who want access to the nitty-gritty.

Writte at madsemil@klimate.co  if you are interested in a Carbon Removal Report for your business.

Section 1 | 2-4 pages


Grasp your carbon removal at a glance with key numbers and charts. Access your online certificate(s) and proof of purchase orders with all the web-links and instructions.

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  • NKey numbers & graphs
  • NAccess to online certificates

Section 2 | 6-12 pages

Portfolio Details

Understand the composition of your carbon removal in detail with all the methods explained as well as information on the specific projects used in your portfolio.

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  • NDetails on methods
  • NDetails on projects

Section 3 | 6-8 pages


Compare yourself to the carbon removal efforts of competitors and the general market with data, charts and insights.

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  • NInvestment benchmark
  • NEmission intensity
  • NRemoval insight
  • NMarket data

Section 4 | 12-14 pages


Analyse the impact and integrity of your actions based on the specific projects used in your carbon removal, as well as which SDGs are adressed.

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  • NClimate impact
  • NCo-benefits
  • NValidation
  • NOutlook
  • NSDGs

Section 5 | 1-2 pages

Looking forward

Summarise key take aways and next steps for your carbon removal that align with your company's sustainability strategy.

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  • NConclusion
  • NNext steps

Section 6 | 6-8 pages

Background and context

Understand carbon removal and the reason for combining methods. Carbon removal is a complex topic to grasp and sometimes it is important to go back to the “basics”.

  • NCarbon removal explained
  • NAvoidance vs removal
  • NTypes of removal
  • NWhy portfolios?

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