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Portfolio Overview

If you want to exclusively invest in methods that remove co2 permanently, and have the potential to scale to truly reverse climate change, this is ther portfolio for you. We source the most promising technogies from around the world, and help drive down the cost. Clients using this portfolio tend to offset less than 100% of their emissions.

Cost per ton CO₂ 


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Portfolio details

Climate Impact 98/100
Co-benefits 22/100

What you get

  • PDF Removal Certificate
  • Online Portfolio view and tracking of your removal
  • Social Media Package (Images to communicate on your removal)*
  • Report (Excel and PDF)**
  • Portfolio update suggestion
*Only for purchase from 2.000 EUR
**Only for purchase from 10.000 EUR


Option A

Instant Footprint


Option B



If you are a large company, produce goods, or are simply curious to know your precise footprint, our trusted partners can get you started.

  • ZIndependent assessment
  • ZStandardised procedure
  • ZFull Scope 1,2,3

Our calculation partners

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