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Portfolio Overview

To send a stronger market signal, this portfolio offers well-diversified range of carbon removal solution, removing 25% of emissions for at least 100 years, and 13% using methods that remove CO₂ for thousands of years. Meanwhile, the portfolio still retains a solid investment in nature-based solutions and has strong co-benefits.

Cost per ton CO₂ 


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Portfolio details

Climate Impact 52/100
Co-benefits 70/100

What you get

  • PDF Removal Certificate
  • Online Portfolio view and tracking of your removal
  • Social Media Package (Images to communicate on your removal)*
  • Report (Excel and PDF)**
  • Portfolio update suggestion
*Only for purchase from 2.000 EUR
**Only for purchase from 10.000 EUR


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Instant Footprint


Option B



If you are a large company, produce goods, or are simply curious to know your precise footprint, our trusted partners can get you started.

  • ZIndependent assessment
  • ZStandardised procedure
  • ZFull Scope 1,2,3

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