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Portfolio overview

The Danish Climate Counsel suggests a carbon tax of €202 per ton, as this price would reflect true cost of emissions, not be overly harmful to business, and incentivise the transition decarbonise completely. We made the best possible portfolio to reflect this.

Cost per ton CO₂ removed


How many tons CO do you need to remove?

Portfolio composition

Biochar 49.95%
Forestry 23.56%
Biooil 11.31%
Soil Sequestration 9.42%
DAC 5.76%


What you get

  • PDF Removal Certificate
  • Online Portfolio view and tracking of your removal
  • Social Media Package (Images to communicate on your removal)
  • Report (Excel and PDF)
  • Portfolio update suggestion

Need to calculate

your CO₂ emissions?

Our Instant Footprint Assessment can give you a baseline for understanding the level of your emissions with just three inputs:

Number of employees

Business trips

Communiting habits