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The Technology & Our Partnership

Climeworks, depicted: Christoph Gebald in Iceland.

What we do

Klimate collaborates with Climeworks, the leading expert on direct air capture and storage (DACS).

Climeworks’ breakthrough technology enables everyone to take climate action by removing CO2 from the air – permanently and safely.

The CO2 is captured from air with Climeworks direct air capture technology. Via the CarbFix method, the carbon dioxide is then mixed with water used by a geothermal energy plant and pumped deep underground. Through natural processes, the CO2 reacts with the local basaltic rock and turns into stone within a few years naturally. Because it is an engineered process, it is possible to measure exactly how much CO2 is removed from the air and stored permanently. The process is highly climate-efficient, ensuring that more than 90% of the CO captured from the air is permanently stored underground (after subtracting raw materials, manufacturing, energy, etc.).

CarbFix injection well

The effect of our CO₂ emissions

Global warming is caused by human activities such as burning fossil fuels which release CO (carbon dioxide) into the air.

The aim of the 2015 Paris Agreement is to keep the increase of global average temperatures well below 2°C compared to pre-industrial levels. This is crucial to reduce the impacts of climate change.

Renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are important initiatives to decrease the volume of additional CO₂ in the air, however it is not enough to meet the critical 2°C target. It is required that we additionally remove CO from the atmosphere to stop global warming. CO2 has to be removed from the air permanently – and we need carbon dioxide removal technologies to support this mission.

The technology is not only needed to enable negative emissions, but also to achieve zero CO emissions globally. We do not have good alternatives to fossil fuels, and renewable energies can only reduce CO by around 80%. We must therefore do everything we can to remove the rest of the CO from the air.

We sell CO removal from Climeworks – the world’s first commercial CO removal technology provider that can remove any individual’s or organisation’s past, present and future CO emissions.

Alternative methods to carbon dioxide removal

Carbon Dioxide removal covers a number of initiatives that reduce the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere.

There are alternatives to removing CO from ambient air. These include bioenergy in combination with carbon capture (e.g. turning CO into biofuels); afforestation (e.g. planting trees to increase carbon storage in the soil); enhanced weathering (absorbing and binding CO chemically); and finally Direct Air Capture of CO from ambient air. Direct Air Capture has the advantages, that it does not require water or depend on big areas of land. It also has a small physical footprint and can be scaled to ensure climate-relevant amounts of CO can be captured. We believe that Direct Air Capture is the best approach, since it has a directly measurable impact and can be easily verified. When measured against planting a tree, it is clear that DAC is the clear cut case, while the climate impact of planting trees, can be very hard (some say impossible) to quantify.