B Corp Month

Klimate is proud to be a Certified B Corporation as of 2023, placing us alongside over 8000 B Corp Certified businesses in more than 80 countries.

Given that March is B Corp month, we are taking the chance to celebrate this initiative and highlight our journey as a company!

What is a B Corp Certification?

B Corp is an independent certification that verifies high levels of social and environmental performance.

It is issued by the non-profit network B Lab, and is available to companies of all sizes worldwide provided they are able to demonstrate the following:

Forest canopy from above
A B Corp Impact Assessment score of 80 or more. This score reflects a measure of the company’s entire social and environmental impact.

A legally binding commitment to being held accountable by all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Demonstrate full transparency by making a breakdown of their alignment with B Corp standards publicly available on the B Lab website.

Klimate’s journey to B Corp certification

The key values of B Corporation’s are highly aligned with Klimate’s mission–sustainability, transparency, and doing more good in the world around us. As a company founded to fight climate change through high quality carbon removal solutions, joining the network of certified B Corporations was a must.

Looking to the future, our focus remains on continual improvement and development of these goals. Our journey involves not only scaling the carbon removal industry but also ensuring that combating climate change remains an activity that benefits all people and life on this planet.

As part of B Corp Month, we were asked to consider how we can “B the change” for the future, and look towards the goals we want to achieve in 2025:

"In 2025, our mission as a carbon removal asset manager is to facilitate the removal of over 1 million tonnes of CO2, elevating our impact to the megaton scale. With an unwavering commitment to integrity and impact, our goal goes beyond quantity; we strive to push forward high-quality projects and enhance the percentage of permanent carbon removal delivered to the market. Through strategic collaborations with clients and suppliers, we bring trust, transparency and scale to the nascent carbon removal market, helping companies meet net zero targets and mitigating global climate change."

Simon Bager

Co-Founder and Chief Impact Office, Klimate

Demonstrating Klimate's impact beyond climate action

Joining the global B Corp network is a valuable opportunity to align with a broader movement that aims to uplift people as well as protecting the planet. Klimate’s agenda for sustainability and inclusivity aligns closely with B Lab’s core principles, which include:

  • Championing the principles of justice, equality, diversity and includion (JEDI)
  • Valuing and prioritising all stakeholders affected by our decisions–not only company shareholders.
  • Taking action towards the global Sustainable Development Goals

Closer to home, we are excited to be an active member of the B Corp Nordics group, which brings creative minds from various industries together to discuss new ways to operate sustainable businesses.

“We are extremely happy to receive B Corp Certification™ in Klimate. It has been an important milestone for us, ever since the launch of our business, and we are now excited to join this forward-looking group of companies. We want to always strive for more, and the community that B Corp provides, with the most ambitious sustainable businesses, is a unique space for sparring. Late last year, we participated in one of the first ever B Corp CEO dinners, and it was incredibly inspiring to listen to and share experiences with becoming more aware as a company.”

Katja Eberhardt

Co-Founder and CEO, Klimate

Looking ahead: Community and Collaboration

Becoming a Certified B Corporation marks a significant milestone and the start of a new chapter in Klimate's journey. We recognise that a systemic shift towards decarbonisation has to be a community effort, and we are delighted to be part of a community as dynamic as the B Corp network, alongside many of our clients and partners.

We look forward to working with like-minded individuals and organisations that drive positive change to build a more sustainable future together. If you would like to learn more about how carbon management can add to your environmental performance as a B Corp, or explore opportunities for collaboration with Klimate, reach out and speak to one of our experts here.