Terms and Conditions

Ownership of our business

Klimate.co is owned and operated by:

Klimate ApS
Nørrebrogade 20, 1.

2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark

Company Number.: DK-41057165


+ 45 41 71 84 29

Our partnership and technology

Through our partnership with Climeworks AG (hereafter “Climeworks”), we Klimate ApS (hereafter “Klimate”) offer to buy the removal of a net amount of kilograms of CO2 (hereafter the “Service Weight”) from the atmosphere. Our partner Climeworks, has developed technology to capture CO2 from ambient air. Though combination of this technology with underground mineralization, performed by one of Climeworks partners, we are able to completely and permanently remove CO2 from the atmosphere. This process in combination with the partnership between Klimate and Climeworks, is what we refer to as being Klimate CDR (Carbon Dioxide Removal) Reselling Service.

The Service Weight is determined and measured by a mass flow meter installed in the particular Climeworks facility, where the CO2 capture is taking place. CO2 emitted in connection with the Climeworks CDR Service process is deducted and only the net CO2 Service Weight is sold to you.

The Klimate CDR Reselling Service, buys Climeworks CDR Service directly from Climeworks, their processes herein including the capture and underground mineralization of CO2, does not happen on an industrial scale, and is based on new and experimental technologi. Our partner Climeworks are working hard on scaling and industrialising of these technologies.

Klimate CDR Reselling Service

Klimate CDR Reselling Service can be ordered via our website or though contact to the Klimate sales department. Any agreement regarding Klimate CDR Reselling Services are subject to the terms in these Terms and Conditions.

Klimate will buy the removal the Service Weight of CO2 from the atmosphere, though the performance of the Klimate CDR Reselling Service, in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the terms set forth in the order confirmation.

An order to remove a particular amount of CO2 via the Klimate CDR Reselling Service is considered completed and delivered, once the Service Weight has been removed from the atmosphere through Climeworks CDR Service and a certificate has been issued and delivered digitally.

Please note that the certificate will refer and be attested to your internal Klimate customer number and NOT your legal name. At any time, you can login to your account and see your customer ID and thus validate your certificate. This is due to the fact that certificates are issued in collaboration with our partner Climeworks. If you want your legal name to be printed on your certificate, you need to give us an explicit consent and instruction hereof.

The Klimate CDR Reselling Service and the following issuance and delivery of a certificate, will be processed as fast as possible, however no later than 100 days from the date on the order confirmation. Deviations from these terms shall be agreed upon in writing.

In addition to the issued certificate, both Klimate and Climeworks are keeping a detailed log over the Service Weight. Du can request to transfer the Service Weight to a third party. For this service and for re-issuance of certificates, Klimate will charge a separate fee, covering the re-registration and issuance of the certificate.


The price for the Service Weight includes the following underground mineralization by Climeworks’ partners and is listed as per kilogram of CO2.


As payment for your Klimate CDR Reselling Service subscription, you are able to set up a card payment agreement, where you allow us to withdraw the agreed amount, every month, on your payment card. You can use Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express as means of payment. If you are purchasing one of our Single/One-off Klimate CDR Reselling packages, you are able to conduct a regular card payment, where you allow us to withdraw the agreed amount on your payment card.

We do not charge any card fees.

If you are a company that wants to pay by invoice, payments are due within 30 (thirty) days of the invoice date, unless any other agreement has been made.

Term and Termination

When setting up a subscription, you pay in advance for the following 30 day period.

You may cancel your subscription any time with one days notice until the last day of the current 30 day period of your subscription.

You can simply use your login to cancel or change your subscription.

Rights of Withdrawal

You are not entitled to rights of withdrawal, when you buy our services. This is due to the fact that we buy the removal of the purchased kg of CO2 from the atmosphere every month (corresponding to purchase of individualised goods).

Payment by card

You can at any time recall the permission given to Klimate to withdraw an amount on your payment card.

You may file a chargeback concerning ”unauthorised debiting” against your card issuer, however not later than 8 weeks after your purchase, unless any other terms have been agreed upon with your card issuer.

We use Stripe to handle payments of Single/One-off packages and subscriptions. They handle everything related to gathering and treating card data and are the ones you should contact, if you have any questions related to handling of card data

If there is anything wrong with your subscription

If you are not satisfied with your subscription, you can contact us via e-mail on support@klimate.co.

The Danish Sale of Goods Act’s rules on Lack of Conformity of Goods do not apply to our subscriptions.

Privacy Policy

We need the following information, when you shop with us:
Name, address, phonenumber and e-mail.

We only register the personal data that is necessary to deliver our service.

As a standard we do not share your personal data with any third party. In case we need your consent to share information with our partner, Climeworks, or any other partner, we will explicitly and separately ask for your consent.

Personal data is registered at Klimate ApS and stored for five years, after which the data is deleted.

We work with companies, that store and process data. These companies solely process data on our behalf and may not use them for other purposes.

We only work with data processors in the EU and in countries that can ensure proper protection of your data.

The party responsible for data at klimate.co is Klimate ApS.

You have the right to be informed about what data we process about you.

In case, you find this information to be incorrect, you have the right to have them corrected. In certain circumstances we are obliged to delete your personal data if you request it. This could for instance be if your data is no longer necessary in relation to the original purpose for which we needed them. You can also contact us, if you are dissatisfied with any aspect of processing your personal data or if your find it to be in violation with the law. If you wish to use one or several of your rights related to GDPR, we ask that you fill in the form on the link below and you can expect a reply within 1-3 months https://klimate.co/data-protection-application/

Cookie Policy

The website and mobile applications used by us may use cookie technology to collect additional user and usage data about your use of our website. We use cookies to better understand how you use our services, to monitor aggregate usage by our users and to provide our services.

You may use browser software to stop accepting cookies. If you choose not to accept cookies, parts of the functionality of the websites and mobile applications delivered by us may be impaired.

VAT, Tax and charges

Purchase of Klimate CDR Reselling Services is equivalent to CO2 credits in tax related circumstances. CO2 credits are not subject to VAT, but subject to VAT with reverse payment obligation. If you purchase on behalf of a VAT registered company, it is your duty to report VAT for this purchase to your local tax authority. Any other charges, taxes or tolls that may apply, is charged in addition to the amount, subject to applicable local law. Additional charges or taxes are to be borne by you.

Limitation of liability

The liability of either party is excluded for incidental, special, indirect or consequential losses or damages arising out of or in connection with the Klimate CDR Reselling Service.

To the extent permitted by law, the liability of either party under or in connection with Klimate CDR services, shall be limited to the Klimate CDR Reselling Service fee.

Validity, Applicable Law and Choice of Venue

The validity of these terms and conditions shall not be affected in case of invalidity or unenforceability of parts of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions, and any order confirmations made with Klimate, shall be subject to Danish Law. If a dispute cannot be resolved, the Copenhagen City Courts, Denmark, shall have exclusive jurisdiction.


If you as a user want to complain about your purchase, please contact us at support@klimate.co. If it is not possible to find a solution, you may send a complaint to:

Center for Klageløsning

Nævnenes Hus

Toldboden 2

8800 Viborg


If you recide in a different EU country than Denmark, you may send your complaint via the EU Commissio’s online complaint portal here – http://ec.europa.eu/odr

Latest update of these terms and conditions: 11.06.2020